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The music is elegant and complex yet familiar to the human spirit.

Words have a way of rewriting our future, but so does sound and maybe in a more profound way because it speaks to our heart where possibility is infinite.

I love Progressive Rock and this is a homepage dedicated to it.

If this is your first visit here, I hope you enjoy your stay. - Craig Maher - Blatherskite - Astronaut Down - Outopsya - Deva - Überfall - Canobliss - Mechanical Organic - The Seven - Three Monks - Todd Grubbs - Illusion - Djizoes - Xer(~)Sun - Frogg Café - Elysium Theory - Spaltklang - John Huldt - Modest Midget - Legend - Rausch - The Flow - Oho - The 16 Deadly Improvs - Marie Ingerslev - Poois - In Search For - Mind Portal - Jack Jeffery - Dread The Forsaken - Life Line Project - Nichelodeon - Yogi Lang - Mike Botello - Sciencenv - Tohpati Ethnomission - El Sledge ( ) - Martini Henry - Arábiga - Alex Saba Delirium - Electric Swan - Uli Jon Roth - The Wrong Object - Goad - Gargantua - Il Bacio Della Medusa - Presence - Alitheia - Xcentrik - Hábitat - Sacrum - Fen - Serpentina Satélite - Maze Of Time - D'arcana - Retrospective - Hypnoise - Satellite - Angus Clark - Apocalypse - Myhybris - Il Cerchio D'oro - Jupiter Society - Strawberry Fields - 3rdegree - Lynn Stokes & Sol Surfers - Tiles - Fractal - Amartia - G. Neri - Odessa - Jebo - Mike Shouse - Pantommind - Red Bazar - Kingcrow - Anekdoten - Aeon Zen - Life Line Project - The Loving Tongue - The Other Side - Echo Us - Sbs (Spicy Bits Of Scandal) - The Under - Mr.

Darrel Treece-Birch returns in 2017 with a new instrumental rock album, filled with passion and defiance.

The struggle of one man, who represents us all, frail and strong, conflicted yet resolved, the turmoil that finds the resolution to move forward in life.

Featuring many iconic King Crimson pieces performed live by this line-up for the first time, and some being played live for the first time ever (including Islands, The Lizard Suite, The Errors, Fallen Angel, Cirkus and more), Live In Chicago is a double CD set taken from the band's most recent US tour. Club special edition, Live in Chicago is double cd set packaged in a media book with a 24 page booklet featuring photographs by Tony Levin, introductory notes by Robert Fripp and photos/ production notes by KC producer and manager David Singleton.Now he is back with his second solo album, Sistema Solar.The album was released in CD, LP and digital formats.Corciolli was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and began his musical studies at the age of 13.While taking piano lessons, he developed a strong interest in electronic synthesizers, playing in local bands where he introduced his very first compositions and arrangements.

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