Dating a schizophrenic

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Learn to feel the same things, and learn to see his or her world the way they do during an episode.To gain trust, you must connect on the same level as the schizophrenic and be well aware that if you date one of us, there will be times that the "disorder" rules our perceptions of reality.For all I know, he might not be in the right frame of mind right now to deal with any emotional relationship on any level (including friendships).

During an episode, it is very important that we have someone who can connect with us, that we trust, to TELL US, when we are sick.Penny Frese, Ph D, was studying fine arts at Ohio University when she met her future husband.They saw each other for several months, and she noticed he avoided talking about anything personal."We took a walk in a park, and it was toward the end of summer -- a gorgeous, beautiful day. and he said he had had a 'schizophrenic break.'" For some couples, that might have been the end.Frese went to the library and read up on schizophrenia.

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