Dating profile poem

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I’ve been a successful writer on a variety of subjects (nature, creativity, finance) for thirty years.

I’m just about to buy a truck camper so I can travel around the country, visit national parks, and do interviews for a book I’m writing.

I’ve gone on a couple of two or three month tours around the south in the winter, and enjoy that.

Anyway, please be in touch if you’d like to talk or meet for a drink in downtown Burlington.

To write a poem, first decide whether you want to follow a specific structure such as a sonnet or haiku, or would prefer to write something free-flowing.

Once you've made your choice, think of some evocative adjectives and powerful nouns.

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With 15 million singles in the UK registered for online dating and with a huge variety of sites to choose from, it’s no surprise that it’s virtual heaven for romantic singles everywhere. Writing an essay You went to boarding school in Sussex, have two half brothers who live in Singapore and once did a pastry course but quit halfway through because you realised you were gluten intolerant.

According to some studies, a dog in your profile photograph is guaranteed to get the replies rolling on (even if you admit it's not your dog -- in fact, according to some studies, especially if it's just a borrowed dog)...

and then, according to other studies (we're using the word "studies" very loosely here, of course), a dog can actually reduce your chances of finding a date.

Also, go ahead and bring your vibrator to bed -- it's all good. " Man with Horse "I'm richer than you could possibly imagine.

I'll probably write a poem about it, if that's cool with you." Woman with Cat "My bed is strewn with my stuffed animal collection. So rich that your mother will be begging me to marry you." Woman with Horse "Are you rich enough to be my man? No, seriously, I love to spoon." Woman with Rabbit "Will you hold me?

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