Dating the enemy 3 of 6 03 june 2016 pdtv Keeli webcam

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– Live Long, Live Healthy’ BONUS: Moringa Oleifera “The Tree Of Life” VACCINE NATION / VACCINATION – THE HIDDEN TRUTH : DOCUMENTED “Vaccines Make You Sick, Dumb and Dead!

He reveals their top secret mission that launched the Battle of the Somme's first day and discovers why British high command failed to capitalise on a crucial tactical advantage they had been given by the tunnellers.

This documentary follows historian Peter Barton and a team of archaeologists as they become the first people in nearly a hundred years to enter this hidden, and still dangerous, labyrinth.

Military mines were the original weapons of shock and awe - with nowhere to hide from a mine explosion, these huge explosive charges could destroy a heavily-fortified trench in an instant.

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