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For a SPECIFIC lady enter her ACCESS CODE when prompted. Our individual girls phone numbers are: Access Code 00065 I'm Sara, a wicked little devil gal with long brunette hair. .40permin - higher rate for calls from mobile phones and payphones Access Code 00089 Sweet by Name - NASTY by nature. I dove like an eagle into her muff and licked deep before sucking her clit, and licking deep ... Her eyes got large and she moaned again, this time a deep moan from her diaphragm. I took my cock from her mouth and began fucking her again, as deep as I could. I came deep in her as she moaned that she was coming too.After I emptied my load, I sucked her tits and gently bit her nipples.Things changed when I was to make a business trip to London.Somewhat nervously I contacted my email paramour, and let her know I would be in her country in a few weeks. She was about 5 feet, not slim, but well endowed above with ample but attractive hips.She lives in England, owns her own store, and is a bit bored. I thought, what the hell, she is far away and nothing can happen, so I wrote back that I was interested.On the second note I got explicit and said how I fantasized about eating a mature woman with her clean sweet pussy and smooth bud of a clit.

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She moaned aloud and really worked on my shaft with her mouth.

I was only going to eaves drop on a chat room to see what goes on in there. They were friendly, but a bit reserved compared to others in the chat room.

I gave them my personal email address (that my wife does not know about) just to see what would happen. One lady wrote right away, and she sounded interesting.

My come mixed with her juices and it was all very sweet.

It did not take long for her clit to stand tall and smooth for me to lick and suck, which I did until she actually screamed in orgasm. Later that evening, I felt a mouth on my cock, sucking and stroking it to hardness.

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