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After Last Tango Maria Schneider rarely took off her clothes for her art again, despite being invited to do so on many occasions.She came to view the film with some ambivalence, declaring in 2007: “I watched it again three years ago after Marlon died and it seems kitsch.” Latterly in her spare time she had worked for The Wheel Turns, an organisation which supports actors, dancers and other performers who have reached the end of their careers. “My advice to young actors would be to know how to do another job.” For those women who persisted with the profession, she had another piece of advice: “Never take your clothes off for middle-aged men who claim that it’s art.” Maria Schneider had a long-term partner who, she claimed, saved her from her drug habit.Last Tango In Paris (1972), directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, is the story of a young Parisienne, Jeanne (Schneider), who begins an affair with a middle-aged American businessman (Brando) who insists that their relationship should be purely sexual; the lovers do not even know one another’s names. Maria Schneider, meanwhile, became a celebrity overnight, a development that propelled her on to the well-trodden path of drug addiction, suicide attempts and fractured romantic relationships.“Marlon had the idea, and I had a burst of anger,” she recalled of the scene. “I felt very sad because I was treated like a sex symbol,” she complained in later life.Marlon hid behind his impenetrable privacy and the full weight of promotion fell on Maria and myself," Bertolucci said."Together with the film, she gave American puritanism a shove.At that time, transgression was still possible and Maria could not resist the temptation to live it fully, body and soul, with all her beauty and joy," he added.

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“I wanted to be recognised as an actress, and the whole scandal and aftermath of the film turned me a little crazy and I had a breakdown.” In 1975 she became a voluntary patient at a psychiatric hospital in Rome, apparently to be close to her then lover, the American photographer Joan Townsend, daughter of the head of the Avis rental-car empire.She asked not to be named in accordance with her agency’s policy.French actress Maria Schneider, best known for playing opposite Marlon Brando in the steamy 1972 classic "Last Tango in Paris," died Thursday aged 58 after a long illness, her family told AFP.Though she remained on good terms with Brando, Maria Scheider never forgave Bertolucci for his role in her celebrity. She claimed to have made only £2,500 out of the role.Maria Schneider was born on March 27 1952, the product of an affair between the actor Daniel Gélin (whom she did not meet until she was 15) and a 17 year-old Romanian-born Frenchwoman who ran a Paris bookshop called Marie Christine.

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