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I think that could be a very scary concept to a kid that age,” she says. do tend to be more protective around that stuff and freaking out about their kids knowing about this stuff.”Having good information from school and from a parent familiar with the curriculum, Dr.Kaufman says, is much better than the more dubious messages young people pick up online, on TV or from overheard conversations.Carlyon-Baker says, “because I don’t want my kids to grow up — I want them to stay innocent and sweet and continue to think that unicorns are real and that all people are good.”She wants Annabelle, 5, Eamonn, 3, and one-year-old Bobby to be prepared when they enter a world in which the media seem consumed by sex and technology makes records of sexual activity both permanent and widely shareable.But that doesn’t make it any easier to discuss sex. Carlyon-Baker’s struggle is shared by parents all across Canada who are dealing with a rapidly changing landscape when it comes to sexual education and who are trying to tackle those perennial questions of how much information is too much information? Ontario’s Minister of Education, Liz Sandals, said the new curriculum — the first update since 1998 — will look a lot like the controversial plan the government scrapped in 2010.

Dobson-Hughes sat her daughter down and said “when someone hurts you, you say ‘No, stop.’”“It’s about encouraging a conversation around consent and enthusiastic ‘yes’ and what it means to say no all the way through their life in a way that’s meaningful to them,” she says. It’s something Cristina Stasia, a professor of gender studies at the University of Alberta, has lobbied hard to be included in Alberta’s curriculum and was pleased to have seen some success this week.“The fear is that consent-based education will encourage kids to have sex, but research does not support that,” she says.The first thing we look at to discover [a newborn’s sex] is [his or her] genitals.We have an interest in this and children pick that up.”Still, it’s difficult to shake that anxiety in a culture that passes the taboo about sex from generation to generation, she says.Minister Sandals has said the curriculum will not be up for debate once announced and will be in place by September.It’s a clash of two schools of thought around what it means to protect children on the tricky, taboo, and confusing matter of sex: withhold information for as long as possible and hope for the best or educate children early so they can make informed choices?

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