Problems updating batman arkham asylum

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If the goal of Phys X is to improve the gameplay experience, then NVIDIA is failing to carry that out.

I would like to state up front, all of us here at Hard OCP do like physics in our games, and we want to see that front expanded on and improved.

Rather, it seems to us that it is more of a backhanded attempt to increase NVIDIA’s market share by alienating people who are not already NVIDIA customers. The entire point of PC gaming is that it can be changed and it can evolve in real-time as hardware evolves.

Phys X, by its very nature as a proprietary technology, flies in the face of that openness.

I just think, if tuned right, so much more can be done with CPUs than is currently being done.

Our Quad-core CPUs are entirely underutilized in the Physics department in games.

The contention is that, currently, not many games do it. But it does not fundamentally alter gameplay in Batman: Arkham Asylum in such a manner that the potential of Phys X is revealed.

When Phys X technology was first announced, our own Editor-In-Chief Kyle Bennett asserted that AGEIA needed a "killer app" to showcase what Phys X could bring to the table. While NVIDIA may believe that Batman: Arkham Asylum is that killer app, I do not. Years later, we are still looking almost completely at effects physics and no gameplay physics.

There are some great physics middlewear out there, and yes Phys X is one of them.

NVIDIA has done some questionable things of late, which end up hurting gamers and turning potential new customers away from NVIDIA hardware.

NVIDIA’s latest decision regarding Phys X has been to disable dedicated Phys X capabilities, with an NVIDIA GPU powered video card if an AMD ATI Radeon powered video card is your primary graphics device.

Whether or not the same effects could have been accomplished with another physics engine is a largely academic question, since Rock Steady chose Phys X for this game.

If you are looking for a high-end video card and Batman: Arkham Asylum is a game you are concerned about, the NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 285 is your best option.

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