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If your travel plans change and you find the need to cancel your reservation, please call us at least 5 (five) days* prior to the scheduled arrival date.* 14 days prior notice is required for individual bookings during special events, some holidays, etc (i.e.Martin Luther King, Balloon Fiesta, Spring Break dates, Folk Art Market, Wine/Chili Festival, etc – not limited to these dates or special events – PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONFIRMATION FOR CLARIFICATION OF REQUIREMENTS.* 30 days prior notice is required for group bookings, multiple room bookings (2 or more), major holidays (i.e. Note: “Holidays or Special Events” are time periods consisting of more than one day than the actual date the holiday or event occurs on.

Discover warm Mexican hospitality at the seven resorts of Pueblo Bonito.

Guest room enhancements include feather-top beds, an extensive pillow menu and microwaves.

One resort, Samba Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, is all-inclusive.

Then nuclear DNA was tested to measure the degree of relatedness.“We show that nine individuals buried in an elite crypt at Pueblo Bonito, the largest structure in the canyon, have identical mitochondrial genomes,” the paper says.

“Analyses of nuclear genome data from six samples with the highest DNA preservation demonstrate mother-daughter and grandmother-grandson relationships, evidence for a multi-generational, matrilineal descent group.

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