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Some of these ad placements and design choices are so silly and bizarre, …It’s a pretty obvious fact that kids look like their parents.Of course, there are those odd ones that you just can’t tell if they look like their mom or their dad or both or neither…Some girls even start planning their prom dresses when they’re just little girls!It’s no easy task to pick out the perfect prom dress that will commemorate one of the biggest nights of your high school career, …A human flaw is our tendency to think we know everything.

There’s something empowering and inspiring about pregnant women who aren’t afraid to show off the body art on their pregnant bodies.

So when something doesn’t turn out how we expected, we’re often caught by surprise.

What do we know about the genes that determine who we are and what we look like?

While some might find annoying the idea of their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend trying to contact them, …Sometimes, the funniest things in life happen by accident.

Whether it be a design fail, or a really poorly thought out advertisement placement, there have definitely been a few events that have caused people to look twice.

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