Songs guys dating older women

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Men in music have mastered the art of seduction and know just how easy it is to make women swoon.This cavalier attitude that inevitably comes with the knowledge that they can get any chick they want creates a flighty nature and general disinterested affect that women can’t resist.If you’re a man with musical talent and you have the face of King Kong, you will still get laid.It’s like the instrument blocks the light from their faces and creates a god-like allure that will get men who look like Ringo Starr, Joey Ramone and Tom Petty girlfriends.Why do we give men who can read music so much more validation than men who can read literature and prose? Maybe we like to imagine them strumming their fingers on us.Maybe we figure the sense of rhythm in their hips and their hands will translate to the bedroom.Because it’s common knowledge that we all want what we can’t have.

I’ve been chasing the musician-type since before I knew how hot Jimi Hendrix actually was.

I looked for boys at school with musical talent and always gave men with picks and sticks an extra chance.

I found myself as hot and bothered for 70-year-olds in Halls of Fame as I did 16-year-olds in school talent shows.

Even if he’s just another wimp with a guitar, he’s got that edge about him.

You can be a nerd in a "Monty Python" t-shirt, but if you can strum a solid G-scale, there will always be something bad about you.

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